Mixed media, white ink on Fabriano Black Black 9×12″ fine paper.

Prism Ring

Mixed Media on Fabriano Black Black 12×9″ fine paper

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Passing Through

Gouache on 12×9″ on paper (sold)

Conglomerate in Blue Triad

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Projection Divided

Ink on watercolor paper 5×7” | November 2020

A light that sees right through both connects and divides these two chair trees as they float through the murky atmosphere.

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Turbulent Complements

Ink on watercolor paper 7×5” | November 2020

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Neon Niwaki

Mixed media on watercolor paper 7×5” | November 2020

Neon Niwaki is a very unique one for me. This piece features thick acrylic lines on top of oil pastel and paint markers. It’s so very free, fun and energetic; neon against the black ink backdrop.

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Binary Dance

Ink and graphite on paper | September 2020

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Cosmic Drift


Mixed media on 10×6″ wooden panel