Mandy Moon grew up in one of the many tiny rural towns in Arkansas, attending a school even smaller with no art program. She taught herself to draw and later paint by copying the masters from stolen library books. With a hunger for art of all types and taught herself both traditional and emerging digital methods. After attending Arkansas State University for printmaking, she went on to find a love for surrealism with the realization of The Chrees. Beginning with her first chree, Such Great Heights in 2009 it went on to be an obsession. It wasn’t until nearly ten years later when she completely devoted her art to this repeated imagery and the word of the Chrees began.

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Artist Statement

Over the years my work has focused into a singular subject: boldly colored trees growing from chairs in ambiguously undefined space, For me, the chair tree is the visual representation of ourselves, body and mind; how we can remain grounded in a singular location, but still be growing, branching, reaching. Each person builds a uniquely structured body, while their mind grows organically into something we can’t always control through experiences and influence. Through this lens I can interpret actions and emotions in a very strange and tight parameter.