Win A Micro, Instagram-Style Painting by Mandy Maxwell

Win an Instagram-style Painting by Mandy Maxwell!

Win An Instagram-style Painting by Mandy Maxwell

For the past 2 years, Instagram has captivated my life. To be able to look back at the details of each day is something I could have only wished for in the past. (I’ve never been able to keep up with scrapbooking.) This app makes it effortless to create something beautiful daily. But more than that, the photos of the people I’ve met through the community do so much to stir my muse. I know others love their IG photo collection just as much as me, therefore I want to give back.

These tiny 2×2 canvases are just a little bit bigger than an Instagram photo on my iPhone screen. I use very tiny brushes, like the ones used to paint miniature models, just to get the details. Each micro-painting takes from 1-5 hours or more, depending on the subject matter. I like the challenge of painting these little details! So,

How To Enter

1. Be on Instagram – Don’t forget to friend me – @mandyartist.

2. Share! – From Pinterest to Facebook, to Twitter, you can find me pretty much anywhere. Please help me spread the word about my artwork and this contest! (Details below, keep reading!)

3. Tag your Instagram Photo – I will choose a winner based on the shares, but also based on the Instagram photo you tag.

Go back through your Instagram feed and tag your favorite photos with #MALpaintthis (MAL – Mandy At Large) I will pick a winner from this tag.

5 winners will be chosen


On Facebook

Please share the photo on my Facebook Page about this contest and comment so I know you did it. (Some privacy settings might hide it.)

On Pinterest

Please share your favorite paintings from the My Artwork board on my Pinterest. I will get an email for each repin, but if you think I don’t know your Instagram name, comment on the pin and let me know.

On Twitter

Please retweet or tweet with a link to this post and tag my Twitter account, @mandyish

On Tumblr

Please share pictures from my website to your Tumblr, or reblog any of my daily photos on my Tumblr. Don’t forget to tag me so I can see them.

On Instagram

Make sure to add me on Instagram, my name is @mandyartist. Second, go through your own Instagram pictures and tag the ones you would like me to paint with #MALpaintthis. You can add as many photos as you’d like. (Please note, if you have a Private Instagram account, make sure to tag @mandyartist on your pictures as well so I will see a comment and follow you to see the photos.)


If I’m there, tag me and I’ll be very grateful.


I will choose all winners by February 1st. These paintings take a little while to paint and, because they are oil, take a few days, at least, to dry. Afterwards, I will mail them to the winners.

Good luck everyone. If you have any questions, ask in the comments below.