Featured on Does Your Mama Know About ME?

I was honored to be featured in Miss Sarah C.’s style blog. Sarah is a girl I only knew for a short time, but made a lifetime impression. Her posts are some of the most well-written and beautiful articles you’ll ever read. I love following along, and seeing all her gorgeous dresses.

Also, I had the privileged of designing her website. The background was 100% hand created in Adobe Photoshop and took over 20 hours. It was a fun study in shadows and textures. (If your on a small monitor, be sure to zoom out for details!)

Does Your Mama Know About Me?

Every shadow and drop shadow was digitally painted using techniques of chiaroscuro, and keeping in mind the size, texture and height of the object.  The background is a mix of 5 or more photos and textures. Every object was purposely selected to match Miss Sarah’s personality and interests. Each of the papers that make the title Does Your Mama Know About Me were 100% created by me to look like logos, book pieces, coffee cups shards, and more. This was done as a study in fonts. I chose a font and then created a background I thought was fitting.

All together I love the total look. It was both a challenge and an honor to create. Be sure to follow her!