My Story

I have and will always be an artist. From as far back as I can remember, I’ve been creating.

Mandy Maxwell
Paragould, Arkansas 

Oil | Watercolor | Illustration | Photography | Writing | Graphic Design

I am currently the Creative Director for niche marketing company, Flower Shop Network. I design and redesign websites, emails, print material, backend UI and so much more. 

At night I paint and create as much as possible. I love art and feel compelled to create. This website is mostly devoted to my visual art. 

Early Life

Creature - from The Nauticals by Mandy Maxwell

Growing up I went to a small, private school without an art program. I drew constantly when I was young; even then I strived for perfection.  My school’s library was just bigger than a closet, but it had a small collection of books on the masters of old that just fascinated me. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli… I copied and re-copied probably every image in those books over and over again.

Out side of school, I was teaching myself Photoshop. I created very unique website designs, mostly for my own blog and local musicians. I learned to love typography and graphic design.


I went to Arkansas State University for my BFA in Fine Art with emphasis digital printmaking. There I learned a lot about a type of art that was new to me, digital printmaking. Taking this degree path allowed me to take both fine art and graphic design classes. Also instead of doing only design projects, I got to create my own artwork through digital mediums. I was used to teaching myself, and this allowed me to follow my own directions in digital design.

While at ASU I had several works displayed in their Fine Art Gallery exhibits.

On My Own

It was own my own I discovered my love for painting. Painting for me, is an exciting challenge. I can choose the colors, size, textures, mood, — everything.  Every finished work is as close to perfection as a complete work of art as I can make it. I live for the moments where I can get lost in the details. 

45RPM Movie

In February of 2011, Juli Jackson asked me to help with her upcoming feature film, 45RPM. The movie is about an artist and there are many scenes which include paintings by the fictional character, Charlie Clark. This was an intriguing and exciting opportunity. I had the chance to take risks I never attempted before and view the process of painting from a completely different perspective.

I have currently done over 14 paintings for the film.