What Makes A Good Designer

Until you care enough about your design that every pixel has a place. Every color is in order. Every font is sized and styled according to it’s hierarchy.

Until you can instantly spot when something is wrong, or out of place. Until you are completely confident in your own work because it stands up to any other designer anywhere. Until you adjust every kern and tweak every line height, for a purpose – to make it right.

Even then, your tastes better be good an your style-smarts better be up to par and current. Design is not just on paper or computer screen, it’s a way of life.

It’s hard to be a good designer. It takes time. Imagination. Problem solving skills. It takes research – every day. It takes obsession. It takes pride. It takes over your life.

But it does not take submission.

A good designer is strong and brave, in their own way. Risks are part of the job. And this job is for life.

Design is my life. My passion. My pride.

Until it consumes you, your no designer. You might make pretty pictures, but not as a designer.

Talent and hard work make a real designer, not words, publicity or fame.