Batesville Gallery Opening

Thanks so much to the Batesville Arts Council Gallery for the lovely reception for my art gallery opening last Friday. There was a great turnout! It was such an honor to have so many people viewing my work at once. Afterwards, a lot of us ate at the delicious Elizabeth’s across the street — so good! Batesville is starting to feel like home as much as I’ve been there the past couple of months. Can’t wait for the film fest!

Photos by Ben Mooneyham

Pictures from the opening:

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Reminder: Gallery Opening on Friday

Mandy Maxwell - Art Show

Would like to once again invite everyone to my upcoming art show opening this Friday! I will be displaying over 15 of my latest painting as well as selected photography from my photo blog. There will be a reception on Friday from 6PM-8PM; refreshments served. There will be paintings there I guarantee you’ve never seen before! Come out and support Arkansas artists!

The show is up until April 1st. If you can’t make the opening hopefully you can come another day.

I Made the Paper!

Mandy Maxwell - Unveiling Ozark Foothills FilmFest Poster

I was featured in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette – 3 Rivers – on Sunday, February 26th as the artist for this years Ozark Foothills FilmFest poster.

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2012 Ozark Foothills Film Fest Unveiling

2012 Ozark Foothills FilmFest Poster Unveiling

So glad for the great turnout at the poster unveiling for this year’s FilmFest. The poster turned out great. Hope to see everyone back for the gallery show coming up in March. The show will be a collection of my latest paintings, from 2007-2012.

Mandy Maxwell Art Show

Ozark Foothills Film Fest Unveiling Reminder: Tomorrow!

Ozark Foothills Filmfest

Today the official branding I did for the 2012 Ozark Foothills Filmfest went live, you can see it on their website here. The website features the photograph from the poster, and various other background images taken by me. The poster and t-shirt I designed are also featured on the site. Tomorrow, February 21st, I will be in Batesville, AR for the poster unveiling and press announcement. Hope To see you out!

Recent Announcement from FilmFest Headquarters:

Hello, Friends of the Fest.

Just a reminder that this Tuesday, February 21, is the FilmFest schedule release and poster unveiling. It takes place at 11:00 am at the Batesville Area Arts Council Gallery.

This year’s branding artist, Mandy Maxwell from Paragould, will attend. In addition to providing the original photograph used in this year’s official poster, Mandy also did or helped with all the pieces of this year’s branding campaign, including the website, program cover, and t-shirt. She’s spent countless hours working on our behalf; we’re hoping for a good crowd to reward her efforts.

For those of you who have purchased or indicated that you plan to purchase a Foothills Film Society membership, I will bring most of the members’ posters to the unveiling so that Mandy can sign them, if you’d like her to.

Hope to see you there!

Bob and Judy

The Batesville Area Art Council Gallery is located at 246 E. Main St. in Batesville, AR.

Ozark Foothills FilmFest Poster Unveiling Set for February 21

The Ozark Foothills FilmFest will hold its annual Poster Unveiling and Festival Press Conference on Tuesday, February 21, at 11:00 a.m. at the Batesville Area Arts Council Gallery at 246 E. Main Street.

Coffee and scones will be served.

This year’s poster artist, Mandy Maxwell of Paragould, will attend the unveiling and sign copies of the poster, on sale for $10. Maxwell’s work will also be featured in a Batesville Area Arts Council Gallery exhibit from March 9 to March 30. The Gallery’s regular hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The gallery will also be open on Sunday afternoon, March 30; call 870-793-3382 for hours.

The schedule for the 11th annual festival, set for March 28-April 1, will be announced after the unveiling. Screenings will take place at UACCB, Old Independence Regional Museum, and the historic Landers Theater Building. The complete schedule will also be available on the festival website,, beginning February 21.

Ozark Foothills FilmFest is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit founded in 2001. For information call 870-251-1189 or email

Goodbye 2011

I can’t believe it’s 2012 already! 2011 was a big year for me!
Looking back:

Goodbye 2011

And that’s not even the half of it! The best part about 2011 was probably my Instagram addiction. It’s an app for my phone that allows me to easily take and share pictures with my photo blog. Because of this, my 2011 is full of photos! I took at least one photo every day of 2011, all organized and tagged. I love that I can visually see each month and what was going on. (Try viewing the photo blog in grid view.)

Taking pictures every day keeps me thinking creatively and see my world differently. I am hoping to do the same for 2012, with hopes that this year’s pictures will be even more unique.

What Makes A Good Designer

Until you care enough about your design that every pixel has a place. Every color is in order. Every font is sized and styled according to it’s hierarchy.

Until you can instantly spot when something is wrong, or out of place. Until you are completely confident in your own work because it stands up to any other designer anywhere. Until you adjust every kern and tweak every line height, for a purpose – to make it right.

Even then, your tastes better be good an your style-smarts better be up to par and current. Design is not just on paper or computer screen, it’s a way of life.

It’s hard to be a good designer. It takes time. Imagination. Problem solving skills. It takes research – every day. It takes obsession. It takes pride. It takes over your life.

But it does not take submission.

A good designer is strong and brave, in their own way. Risks are part of the job. And this job is for life.

Design is my life. My passion. My pride.

Until it consumes you, your no designer. You might make pretty pictures, but not as a designer.

Talent and hard work make a real designer, not words, publicity or fame.

Photoshoot: The White Set

The White Set - Photo By Mandy Maxwell

Very excited to finally be able to post these! I had an amazing time with my good friend Lou when she was in town from LA. This is The White Set, there are two more of these that you can expect in the new future. Lots of big things happening now for me, announcements coming soon.  Anywho, continue on to see the rest of The White Set.

New Addition to The Ladies series: My Lou

Lou by Mandy Maxwell

This one was created around 2008, but never was put online. I think it definitely was an early part of my The Ladies series. It is one of the few real portraits in my portfolio.. actually it may be the only portrait. This is my good friend Lou, one of the most influential and inspiring people I’ve met. She moved shortly after this painting was produced and I miss her dearly.

Picnic – Newest Painting

Picnic - A Painting by Mandy Maxwell

My latest painting went in a very different direction that other paintings I’ve done recently, kind of storybook, and I like it. It’s also very small, only 6″x9″.  So check out Picnic!

VIDEO Feature For 45RPM – Must See!

Mandy Maxwell - 45 RPM

Go to to see the video!

As we’ve worked on the 45RPM movie project this spring, Juli Jackson the director, has been taking videos of our progress. I was thrilled to see this incredible compilation of videos of me working, synced perfectly to beautiful music. MUST SEE, click the picture above to check it out!


Featured on Does Your Mama Know About ME?

I was honored to be featured in Miss Sarah C.’s style blog. Sarah is a girl I only knew for a short time, but made a lifetime impression. Her posts are some of the most well-written and beautiful articles you’ll ever read. I love following along, and seeing all her gorgeous dresses.

Also, I had the privileged of designing her website. The background was 100% hand created in Adobe Photoshop and took over 20 hours. It was a fun study in shadows and textures. (If your on a small monitor, be sure to zoom out for details!)

Does Your Mama Know About Me?

Every shadow and drop shadow was digitally painted using techniques of chiaroscuro, and keeping in mind the size, texture and height of the object.  The background is a mix of 5 or more photos and textures. Every object was purposely selected to match Miss Sarah’s personality and interests. Each of the papers that make the title Does Your Mama Know About Me were 100% created by me to look like logos, book pieces, coffee cups shards, and more. This was done as a study in fonts. I chose a font and then created a background I thought was fitting.

All together I love the total look. It was both a challenge and an honor to create. Be sure to follow her!

45RPM – Production Day

Back in March, Juli Jackson, director of 45RPM movie asked me to be the artist for her film about an artist. We’ve been working hard on some really exciting things coming up soon!  A few weeks ago I was invited to work with Juli on a big production day for the movie. We had a blast and filmed it ALL! Juli just so happened to post the time-lapse feed on her blog for 45RPM. I am really excited about this new project. I have a blog coming up explaining more. In the meantime, check out the video!

Production Day at Headquarters from Juli Jackson on Vimeo.

New Layout!

New website layout is up and .. functioning. Lots more to come!

Check out the


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