Cassie Palmer, Massage Therapist Identity

Cassie photoshoot

My friend Cassie just got her massage therapy and I helped her establish an identity for herself. Above is just one of the head shots from our photoshoot. If you want to see more, check out the Flickr set.

CP Massage Therapist Logo by Mandy Maxwell

This is the logo I created for her.

Massage Therapist Business Card

And business cards.

Buffalo Walls – New Watercolor

Buffalo Walls, watercolor by Mandy Maxwell

Finished this new watercolor painting last night. It is inspired by the canoeing trips we have taken down the Buffalo River here in Arkansas. It is 8×10 and already has a home in our newly-redecorated bathroom. I really like how it turned out (much better in person) and plan on doing more paintings inspired by our travels in the future.

Buffalo River  Walls

These unique rock formations are massive (can you spot the 3 kids playing on the rocks?). Floating by these gorgeous old walls is an experience unlike any other.

Bike to Cloar – Earle, AR

Saturday was a very special day for me. The Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis TN, one of the most respected galleries for miles, hosted an event in my home town of Earle, Arkansas. I had been looking forward to it for weeks, except for one part… biking. I love yoga; biking is a whole other story…

Summer of Cloar Riders

However, the weather turned out to be perfect, and the 6 miles was surprisingly not bad at all. I loved seeing the places I drive by all the time up close and personal. It was slow, peaceful and magical all at once; the perfect mood to contemplate Cloar.


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45RPM Artwork Gallery Added

Created for 45RPM

I’ve been so lucky to work on the incredible Arkansas-made feature film, 45RPM by Juli Jackson. I created over 20 paintings, 40 sketches and a sketchbook for the main character, a struggling young artist. The story follows her travels through Arkansas looking for a lost 45 record made by her father.

I also did all of the branding work for the film, including: logo, posters, flyers, website, and so so so much more.

Award-winning film 45RPM

It’s been a long time in the making, but the film’s premiere just won big at the recent Little Rock Film Festival. So check out the main artwork collection at the link below:

45RPM Artwork

Check out the trailer here:

45RPM – Official Trailer from Juli Jackson on Vimeo.

Sockweb – Werewolf Album Branding

Sockweb Album Art Werewolf

I was recently asked by The Monolith Records to design a logo and the album cover for the up-and-coming grindcore band, Sockweb’s first album Werewolf.

Sockweb are a father/daughter combo where the daughter is just seven years old. The output is some of the most adorable grindcore ever heard by human ears; Adam “Blackula” Young writes and records the music, as well as supplementary vocals, but Joanie “Bologna” Young provides the primary vocal outlet, and ever since the earlier songs were released her chops have grown increasingly more brutal.


I couldn’t help but love these guys from the moment I heard them. It was a fun project and I think the outcome is just as lively.

“It was pretty difficult at first to find the right place to turn to, we wanted to find an artist that would accurately create a tableau that gave credence to the situation of a young girl finding a Werewolf in her room, but that could have been painted by a child. Trying to find a perfect balance between childlike prowess and actual professional artistry is a much harder feat than you would expect, but we were lucky to come into contact with the fantastic and always dependable Mandy Maxwell. This young artist is not only incredibly efficient with her timing and fair with her pricing – she always maintains the utmost professionalism when it comes to communication and is extremely understanding and flexible. I’ve worked with many artists, but it’s always refreshing to find the ones that truly engage with the concept and are unafraid to share their passion with you.”

Sockweb logo design by Mandy Maxwell

Here is a look at the process:

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Captain Overboard Photo Shoot

Photo shoot today with the local, Jonesboro AR band, Captain Overboard: Radio Earth.

Captain Overboard Radio Earth

Captain Overboard Radio Earth

Captain Overboard Radio Earth

Captain Overboard Radio Earth

Go here to see all the pictures from the shoot. Be sure to check out their music and like them on Facebook!

Win A Micro, Instagram-Style Painting by Mandy Maxwell

Win an Instagram-style Painting by Mandy Maxwell!

Win An Instagram-style Painting by Mandy Maxwell

For the past 2 years, Instagram has captivated my life. To be able to look back at the details of each day is something I could have only wished for in the past. (I’ve never been able to keep up with scrapbooking.) This app makes it effortless to create something beautiful daily. But more than that, the photos of the people I’ve met through the community do so much to stir my muse. I know others love their IG photo collection just as much as me, therefore I want to give back.

These tiny 2×2 canvases are just a little bit bigger than an Instagram photo on my iPhone screen. I use very tiny brushes, like the ones used to paint miniature models, just to get the details. Each micro-painting takes from 1-5 hours or more, depending on the subject matter. I like the challenge of painting these little details! So,

How To Enter

1. Be on Instagram – Don’t forget to friend me – @mandyartist.

2. Share! – From Pinterest to Facebook, to Twitter, you can find me pretty much anywhere. Please help me spread the word about my artwork and this contest! (Details below, keep reading!)

3. Tag your Instagram Photo – I will choose a winner based on the shares, but also based on the Instagram photo you tag.

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Portrait of Ms. Mini

Ms Mini watercolor for my aunt for Christmas. Thought I’d share a few photos.


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Christmas Cards 2012

For the past couple of years, I have handmade Christmas cards for friends and family. This year I did it again but on a slightly larger scale. Instead of hand painting each card individually, I chose to use a block-print method to print over 50 cards! The results weren’t too bad. I know next years will be even better! Hope everyone who received one enjoys.

Handprinted Christmas Cards


Here you can see the block where the design was carved, and the original sketch of the design.
Handprinted Christmas CardsThis is a card fresh off the press. A roller and printing ink is used.

Halloween Costume 2012

Black Swan Dance

Quick updates with photos from Halloween. I will post more soon.. (AH!) I was the Black Swan for Halloween.

The Black Swan Black Swan Costume 

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Eye on Independence Cover Feature

Eye on Independence Cover

My work for the indie film, 45RPM, was featured on the cover of Eye on Independence Magazine for Independence Co. Arkansas. There is also an article and interview with director, Juli Jackson, with more artwork inside. I have lots and lots more artwork to add from the 45RPM project, and will as soon as I can. Hope to see you out for the premiere in a couple of weeks!

Featured! Brooks Painting Getting Lots of Press

My painting’s appearance in the Brooks Museum of Art is getting a lot of attention. I couldn’t be more proud.

Paragould Premiere Magazine

Our local magazine, the Paragould Premiere wrote a story about me in their August issue.

Mandy Maxwell on the Brooks Museum Blog

The Brooks Museum asked me to write an article about what it is like to have a painting on display in their galleries. It was quite an honor. I’ve grown up going to the Brooks. You can read it here: Mandy Maxwell Realizes Her Dream in Brooks Exhibition.

New Painting: Eyes So Green

Eyes So Green, painting by Mandy Maxwell

New painting, Eyes So Green.
Watercolor on paper. 11 x 14

This painting was inspired by my beautiful friend Jen. You might know her from the other painting inspired by her, Tribes.

Now Showing At Brooks Museum, Memphis

Mandy Maxwell painting at the Brooks Museum

I’m absolutely thrilled to have my work on display at the prestigious Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis. My painting, Great Heights was selected to be in the show, If I Can Dream. It also won honorable mention in the professional category. The show will be up til the end of September, check it out!

Earlier this month, when I was dropping off the painting, we toured the current exhibits at the museum. In the same gallery my painting is currently hanging was a drawing by the artist Carroll Cloar. (His work is featured at the ASU Library. It’s the giant mosaic as you walk through the doors.) He is from my hometown. I remember my great grandmother telling me stories about him. I went to Carroll Cloar workshops at our local museum. I’ve always loved his work and respected it as an artist. It was incredibly affirming to see his work where mine would soon be. Especially at the Brooks.

Here are some in-progress pictures of Great Heights:

Great Heights, Painting by Mandy Maxwell Great Heights, Painting by Mandy Maxwell Great Heights, Painting by Mandy Maxwell

Here is the tree featured in the painting:

Great Heights Tree


New Painting: Earthly Pleasures

New painting, Earthly Pleasures, watercolor on paper. 11 x 14 inches.

I snapped a few in-progress shots while I was working on it.

Earthly Pleasures - In Progress - Watercolor by Mandy Maxwell Earthly Pleasures - In Progress - Watercolor by Mandy Maxwell

(The yellow shiny part is mask that was removed.)